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Pleasure an Incredible aspect of life – First day how I start my work as a Independent escorts in Chennai

Hi guys I am Soni, horny and a independent escorts in Chennai. I am a young lady who takes her decision by own and I began this profession on my own without anyone’s help or input into this. I began my career by dancing in a dance club at Mumbai, there an old man offered me a drink and started talking to me and dancing with me on the dance floor. He placed his hand on my shoulder and I allowed him to do so because I wanted to see how it works.

After some hours of dancing in the bar he took me along in the auto and started talking to me with some attractive non veg jokes. After that he was enjoying my company and asked me to go somewhere and we were driving and drinking on the shores of juhu beach. He started kissing me all over and opened all my clothes and started rubbing me all over my body. I understood how this business works. I was mentally prepared of what is right for me and what is not. This is a purely give and take business in which the more you give the more you will get and this was the end of the story for me for that night.

Sex is always pleasurable, I did it with full trustworthiness and the beginning was great in a BNW car. A huge number of our clients are regular and have taken my service before. They all appreciate me and my services. Many of them prefer the same venue and same position for having sex. They select me by just watching my sexy and naked pictures. So if you are someone who is from Chennai or you are travelling to Chennai for a meeting or business and you are bored in life, you just have to call me and choose the best escort for yourself. You can call and whatsapp us on 8697667783.

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